Magento 2 Product Feed: How to Generate Product Feed

This post is about Magento 2 Product Feed, why it should be used, and how to use it in your Magento 2 e-commerce store.

Attracting customers to any shopping website is very competitive, in such a way that your product does not reach them, then the chances of customers coming to your store are reduced.

With the help of the product feed extension, you will be able to attract more and more customers to your Magento 2 store.

There are many extensions to generate product feed inside Magento 2 using which we can easily manage product feed.

A product feed is very helpful in bringing traffic from Google Merchant Center.

If you want to connect your magento2 e-commerce store with google merchant center then it requires the generation of product feed.

In such a situation it becomes necessary that you have to broadcast your product feed on all the platforms like Google Shopping, Nextag, Bing, Amazon, etc.

With this whole process, you can easily bring customers to your Magento 2 store and increase sales.



In the Wishusucess product feed extension, you will get the following options.

- Automatic and manual options are given in the admin to generate the feed.

- Category-wise mapping option.

- Flexible feed configuration to comply with all shopping engines.

- Auto-generate feed using Cron Job.

- You can set the time to generate the feed at any specific time.

- No product limits you can add an unlimited number of product feeds.

- Support different kinds of file formats like XML, CSV, TXT, etc.

- Set conditions to filter products and generate the product feed.

- By selecting the attributes you can choose to generate a feed.

- Admin config option to customize feed templates requirements.


How to Setup Google Feed in Magento 2

To set up Google Feeds functionality inside your Magento 2 store, you have to install the Wishusucess Google Feed extension.

After installing this extension, you will see an option of Add New Feed,
Now you can generate a new feed by clicking on it.

Google Feeds Admin Setting


Add New Feed

Add new feed button gives you the option to create a new feed.

You have to click on this button and fill in the rest of the details like under what name you want to create the feed. What should be its format etc?


You can create multiple feeds at once

  • Like you can create a feed for google
  • create a feed for Facebook
  • Feed for amazon

Custom feed also you can create by selecting the different attributes for all the leading platforms.

Add New Feed in Magento 2



Magento 2 Product Feed Generation

Now as soon as you click on generate product feed, your feed will start being generated.

The time the feed is generated depends on the total product count in your Magento 2 store.

For example, if there are fewer products in your store, the less time it will take.

The more products you have in your store, the longer it will take.

Admin > Wishusucess > Manage Feed > Add New Feed > Generate Feed

Magento 2 Product Feed generate


Generated Feed

As soon as the process is completed, something like the below image will appear on your screen.

Now if you look, you will get the URL of a feed. If you click on that URL then your file will be downloaded.

Inside that file, all the URLs of your product will be found, in which the title of the product, the content of the product, etc.

Complete Process of Feed generation



Feed Option: Magento 2 Product Feed

Through this model, you will get many types of options, using which you can create a product feed of Magento two

Like you can create a Facebook feed, and Amazon feed Can be Created, you can create a Google feed, etc.


All Type of Feed generation Option


Schedule Specific Time

If you want to generate product feed at a specific time then you have to specify the time and the option to set time is given in admin configurations.

If you want, you can generate a manual feed and if you want, you can also generate an automatic feed.

You have to set the time to generate the automatic feed and at that time your feed will be generated automatically

Magento 2 Product Feed Generate


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Google Fields helps you drive more customers to your store.
In this, through the Z2 extension, you can connect to Google Merchant

Store and try to traffic to your store and do more sales.

The extension provides you with a variety of features.

You can connect feeds to multiple platforms at the same time and drive traffic from different platforms

If you have any problem using this extension then you can contact us.

You can also contact us if you need any kind of customization.

We can customize the extension as per your requirement and you can avail of the facility.

We provide Magento 2 Product feed extension at the lowest rates.



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