Razorpay Payment: Step By Step Guide to Integrate Payment Method

I am going to explain Magento 2 Payment gateway integration. When we talk about Magento Payment gateways then Razorpay payment gateways are one of the most usable gateways in the Magento eCommerce application. This application integration can help you to grow your business.

By integration of Razorpay payment gateways store, owners can enable payment to accept from customers. This app will also add automated payouts functionality for both vendors & employees.

Razorpay Payment Integration Method

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Available Best Options in Razorpay Gateways

Payment Links:

Once you have created your profile and get verified with KYC from this application team then you can share payment links via a medium like an email, SMS, messenger, chatbot, etc. and by using those links anyone can pay and you will get that amount immediately in your account.

Payment Pages

The business owner also can get paid by creating a payment page with zero coding. This functionality also has the option to accept international & domestic payments.

Payment Buttons

Another best option provided by Razorpay is anyone can accept by Create, Copy & Collect With Payment Button. Bu for this Collect one has plan which needs to subscribe in order to make and receive any payments.


There are various options for the users to subscribe to their plans according to the customer business needs with automated recurring transactions.

Split and Transfer Payments with Razorpay Route

The vendor also decides to split incoming payments automatically to vendor’s accounts which helps to manage the account.


Smart Collect

Razorpay SmartCollect offers to their customer that add functionality to make real-time transactions like NEFT, RTGS, IMPS, UPI payments by using Virtual Accounts & UPI-IDs.


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Steps to Integrate Razorpay Payment

Here, I am giving to step by step guide to integrate Razorpay payment gateways with Magento 2.

Step 1: Download Payment Gateyas Module

You can visit their official website to download Magento 2 extension or you can also download it from the official GitHub account of Razorpay gateway.

Step 2: Installation

Now run the below command in order to install this payment gateway module in Magento 2.

Paste your download code in the app/code/ directory of your Magento installation.

Now run these commands:

bin/magento setup:upgrade

bin/magento setup:di:compile

bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy -f

bin/magento c:c
Razorpay Installation Via Composer

Install the extension through the composer package manager.

composer require razorpay/magento

bin/magento module:enable Razorpay_Magento


Step 3: Razorpay Payment Gateway Configuration

Now, Go to Admin > Stores > Configuration > Payment Method > Razorpay 

You should be able to see the Razorpay configuration here but If you do not see Razorpay in your gateway list, please clear your Magento Cache.

Magento Gateways Integration

Now you have to login into your Razorpay dashboard and then generate API keys and enter in the above-shown fields.

Generate API Key

Once you will do all the above settings then you will get options like the below image.

Magento 2 Pay Method

Now when you will do checkout then your screen will look something like the below image.

Payment Option on Checkout Page

Now, you can enjoy the Razorpay payment gateways method in Magento 2.


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