Top 10+ Best Stores to Buy Magento Extensions

We install extensions to give better features in any Magento 2 store, similarly, I am sharing the list of Magento Extensions Store here which will make your shopping easy.

If we say the secret to the success of the Magento 2 eCommerce platform, we can say that the better the user experience, the better your Magento store will run successfully.

There are many companies in the market that develop custom Magento 2 extensions and sell Magento 2 extensions online in their own store.

I have come up with a list of some such selected companies which run their Magento to extension store.

With Online Magento 2 Store Extension, you can buy any extension as per your requirement and install it directly in your store.

Along with this, the customization option is also available, if you want, you can select the option of separate installation and in no time their representative will install the extension on your website.

Best Stores to Buy Magento 2 Extensions


12+ Best Magento Extensions Store in 2022

When we buy an extension for Magento 2 store, keep in mind whether the store provides us its updates from time to time.

If there is any problem in the extension installation, then will the extension store solve that problem or not, and then in how much time they do it.

I have compiled a list of one such Magento 2 online store from which you can buy extensions online and get help from their technical support team.

S.N Website Name Website URL
1. Mageplaza
2. Amasty
3. Magento Marketplace
4. Meetanshi
5. Bsscommerce
6. Magenest
7. Magecomp
8. Magefan
9. Simicart
10. Landofcoder
11. Weltpixel
12. Firebearstudio
13. Mageworx


Things to Keep in Mind While Buying

Based on my Magento development experience, I am telling you some things which you must keep in mind while buying any new Magento 2 extension or theme.

  • Extensions should get updates from time to time.
  • Technical support should be free.
  • If the extension or module version is not compatible with the store then it should also get free support.
  • SEO Friendly
  • Full admin control facility of the Extension.
  • Must have an easy customization facility in the admin.
  • Demo facility should be available(Admin and Frontend).
  • A proper User Guide should be provided by the vendor.
  • Frequent Update.
  • The extension should be Cost-effective.
  • Extensive Support Timeframe.
  • Install via Composer option.


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