Blog Website Setup: How to Setup a WordPress Website

In this article, I am going to explain to you the blog website setup so anyone can easily book a domain and create a custom website using WordPress.

In today's digital age, blogging has increased a lot because it has become a very famous way to earn money.

Any person who does not have any technical knowledge can also create a blogging website using WordPress.



WordPress Blog Website Setup in 2022


However, when we choose WordPress for blogging only, then we do not need much storage.

But still, do not forget to check the following features while making your selection:


Book Free Domain Name - Blog Website Setup

There are many such web hosting service provider companies that provide you a free domain name booking service for one year, such as Hostinger.

You can take advantage of this while booking a domain


Suitable Storage

You have to decide whether you are going to make a website just for blogging or will make more facilities available to your customer.

Accordingly, you should choose the storage capacity, otherwise, the speed of the website also slows down due to less storage capacity.



When the traffic on the website starts increasing, then its consumption of bandwidth also starts increasing.

For this also you have to spend money. Otherwise, the website will not be able to handle the traffic and the site will be down.


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What are CFSS Features in Web Hosting

CFSS Features Mean Cost, Features, Security, and Support in website hosting.

Whenever we book a domain, it is important to take care of these features.

Some of the web hosting companies taking higher costs for this.

Also check how good its customer service is, along with automatic backups and an SSL certificate.

Is the company always present for its customers or not?

WordPress Website Creation Steps


I am giving you step by step guide which you can follow and create a WordPress website easily.

The Wishusucess is one of the most customer-friendly companies in 2022 that is always available to support their customer for any kind of technical and development help.

We develop and provide WordPress websites to our customers at the lowest cost all over the world.

If you want to make a website for blogging, then we give you the best facility at the lowest cost as compared to any company in the world.

Step 1: Download WordPress Framework


First of all, you have to download the latest WordPress from the official website of WordPress, unzip it, and then follow the steps given below step by step.

Now paste in your domain URL and then enter.

If you are installing it on your localhost then the URL for you will be



Blog Website Setup Using WordPress


Step 2: Fill DataBase Details

As you will hit the URL you will see a screen like the below image.

Now, you have to fill all the fields related to the database correctly and then click on the continue button.

Blogging Website Creation


Step 2: Check Communication with Database


Now if all the details entered by you are correct then you will see a screen that WordPress can interact with the database.

Blog Website Setup in WordPress


Step 4: Fill The Website Title and Admin User Details

In this step, you have to enter your website title and username, password and email, etc. and then you have to continue.

You can change all these details even after installation.

Final Step to Decide the Username


Step 5: Success Message of WordPress Installation

On successful completion of WordPress installation, you will see a successful message.

Here the username you set at the time of installation will also be visible on your screen.

WordPress Installation Successful


WordPress Dashboard - Blog Website Setup


Now as soon as you people click on these, you will open the admin login details of WordPress, there you will be redirected to the dashboard if you fill in the login details

You can write and publish a new post by going to the new post section on your dashboard.

Dashboard of WordPress After Fresh Installation



Install WordPress Theme - Blog Website Setup


Now you can easily choose the theme of your blogging website.
If you want, you can use a free theme or if you want, you can also buy a good theme.

You can also install the plugin as per your requirement.

Blog Website Setup - Free Theme

If you want to develop the theme for your blogging website according to you, then you can contact me.

I can customize your website according to your needs and prepare it at a very low cost.


Install WordPress Plugin - Blog Website Setup


You can also check which are the essential plugins for any new website which must be installed from the point of view of security.

Blog Website Setup - Plugin

Always install the plugin according to your needs, it also affects the performance of your website.

Install the plugin you are using after thoroughly investigating it because there are many such plugins that steal all the information of your website and share it with someone else.

There is also a security risk on your website due to not using the right plugin.



What is the Minimum Cost for a Blogging Website in 2022


The cost of any website depends on its utility, but still, you want to create a simple blogging website whose validity is for two years, then its full cost will be about 1000 dollars or 10,000 Rs. rupees.

Including domain costs for two years, bandwidth costs, storage costs, and technical support.

You can contact me, I also provide free maintenance and support for two years.

In between these two years, if you need any kind of website-related help, I am always available.

I do not charge anything extra for that support





Blogging is one of the most popular ways to earn money online today.

To create a blogging website, you can use the most commonly used framework WordPress, which is also the most economical and can be easily managed by any less technically knowledgeable person.