RTU Computer Architecture and Organization Model Question Paper -CS- 2020

RTU Computer Architecture and Organization Model Question Paper -CS- 2020

RTU Computer Architecture and Organization Model Question Papers of 6 Semester for Computer Science Engineering 2020

Paper Code: 6CS4-04

Subject: Computer Architecture and Organization

Branch: Computer Science

Year: 2020

Prepared By: Ms. Dimple Jayaswal (Assistant Professor, GIT Jaipur)


RTU Computer Architecture Exam Paper - CA Model Paper 2020



  1. Draw Von Neumann Architecture with the diagram.
  2. Define Cache Memory.
  3. How a virtual address does get translated into a physical address?
  4. What is Segmentation?
  5. What is Paging?
  6. Draw and define the Priority encoder.
  7. Explain the Flynn Classification.
  8. Design the basic computer and define computer architecture, computer organization.
  9. Design a 4 bit by 3 bit array multiplier.
  10. What is DMA?




1.) Design one stage of arithmetic logic unit circuit that includes:-

a) 4-bit Adder and

b) Subtractor

c) 4-bit Logic Unit

2.) Describe the Bus and Memory transfer.

3.) Write all possible addressing modes; also explain each by taking an appropriate numerical example?

4.) Differentiate RISC & CISC architecture.

5.) Explain the PUSH and POP operation in stack organization.

6.) Explain the general register organization.

7.) Explain the different instruction formats in the architecture?

8.) Explain the Floating point representation.

9.) What is Associative Memory? How does is facilitate Searching? Explain?

10.) i) How many 128*8 RAM chips & 512*8 ROM Chips are needed to provide memory capacity of 2048 bytes?

ii) How many lines of the address bus must be used to access 2048 bytes of memory? How many of these lines will be common to all chips?

iii) How many lines must be decoded for chip select? Specify the size of the decoders.

iv) List the memory address map.

11.) Write all possible addressing modes; also explain each by taking an appropriate numerical example?

12.) A digital computer has a memory unit of 64k * 16 and a cache memory of 1k words. The               cache uses direct mapping with a block size of 4 words.

i) How many bits are there in the tag, index, block & words fields of the address formats.

ii) How many bits are there in each word of cache?

iii) How many blocks can the cache accommodate?

13.) Explain the following in Asynchronous data transfer:

i) Strobe control

ii) Handshaking

14.) Explain Direct Memory Access (DMA) Controller and Transfer in detail.


RTU Computer Architecture PART C

1.) Explain the following in Asynchronous data transfer:

(i) Strobe control  (ii) Handshaking

2.) Explain four segments Instruction Pipeline with the help of space time diagram. What are the difficulties in instruction pipeline & how to handle branch instructions in pipeline?

3.) Draw and explain the hardware for Booth Algorithm, its flow chart for 2’s complement number multiplication. Multiply 0111 & 0011 with the help of Booth’s algorithm.

4.) Draw and explain the hardware for signed magnitude addition and subtraction operation, its flow chart for signed magnitude number addition and subtraction. Add 11111 & 1111. Also show

(-A)-(-B) operation results, when A>B, A=B, A<B

5.) Define Direct Memory Access? Explain Direct Memory Access (DMA) Controller and Transfer in detail.

6.) Explain the division restoring and non-storing techniques.


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RTU Cloud Computing – CS -Modal Paper 2020

RTU Cloud Computing – CS -Modal Paper 2020

Rajasthan Technical University (RTU) Important Question Paper or Model Question Paper of 6 Semester 6CS4-06 for Computer Science Engineering  is given below.

  • Paper Code: 6CS4-06
  • Subject: Cloud Computing
  • Branch: Computer Science Engineering
  • Type: RTU Model Paper or RTU Important Question Paper or RTU Sample Paper for 2020

We are providing model paper for RTU 2020 Exam. RTU 2020 Model Paper will be helpful for Rajasthan Technical University Kota 2020 Exam. Download this Model paper from below (6CS4-06). We are providing some PDF files for RTU 2020 exams. At the end of sample paper there will be solution provided. RTU Sample Paper solution is given at the end of paper.



RTU Important Questions for Cloud Computing 6CS4-06 - B.Tech


Rajasthan Technical University Important Questions Paper or Model Question Paper or Sample Paper for Cloud Computing (6CS4-06) in 2020, So be prepare for this year.


Unit - 1

  1. What is the broad approach for migration into cloud? Discuss the challenges and risk involved in this process.
  2. What is Cloud Computing?Explain with different type of computing architecture.


Unit – 2


  1. Describe the following service delivery models by giving the suitable example
  • Iaas
  • Pass
  • Saas

2. Write Short Notes on:

  • Hadoop
  • Map Reduce


Unit - 3


  1. What is cloud virtualization? Explain implementation level of virtualization
  2. Explain parallel and distributed programming paradigm in cloud computing using a practical example
  3. Write short notes on:-
  • VMware, KVM Hypervisor
  • Xen Virtualization Technology
  • Full Virtualization

4. Explain Network Virtualization and it’s components

5. Write short notes on:-

  • Virtual Cluster & Resource Management
  • Virtualization of Data Center & its Benefits
  • Differentiate Server & Desktop Virtualization


Unit - 4


  1. What is Cloud Computing Security? Explain types of security policies, security requirements, security challenges
  2. Write short notes on:-
  • Trust management in application
  • Security Managements
  • Service level Agreements
  • Security policy implementation

3. What do you mean by trusted cloud?

4. What is Business Continuity Planning? Explain its process.


Unit - 5


  1. Write short note on:-
  • Google App And its Architecture
  • Data Analysis and Its Application
  • Federated Cloud
  • Third party Cloud Service

2. What is scientific application of cloud computing? Explain

3. Write overview of Anexa Framework with reference to cloud computing platform


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