Check The Magento Version in Magento Store or Websites

Here we will introduce to you simply and best ways for how to check the Magento version for any Magento Store or Magento website. Besides, we will also provide the details about how to use that tools to check the current version of Magento on any website used.


How to check the Magento version from URL

Although this method is not suggested by the Magento community, but by adopting this method, you can know the version of Magento used by any website if that website is created in Magento.

Check The Magento VersionAll you have to do for this is just type /magento_version after any Magento website and then press Enter and you will see the version.

Everything you need to do is to domain URL and go searching. By doing this, you will see a small message of Magento version like Magento / 2.4 (Community).


Best Online Tools: Checking The Magento version

This will give you the Magento store version if the website has been using Magento. All these are the simplest and fastest online tools to check the Magento version in seconds just by typing the URL of your website.

This website will give you the Magento version of any Magento store.

This works for both the Community and Enterprise edition. Just open the website and insert your desire Magento store URL in the box and press enter.

Wishudeal Magento Website

if you are searching for a free online tool to check Magento store current version then MageReport is the best option for an online free tool that allows their users to check the status of the current version of Magento for any live websites.

These tools give you the best result insights about the security status of your website whether your website is at risk or not if it in risk then why and how you can fix it.

Check The Magento Version Wishudeal

The result will look like this:

Magento Store Version

You can find the following list of known vulnerabilities:

  • Current Magento version
  • Outdated Magento version
  • Default /admin location
  • Ransomware
  • Security Patch
  • Unprotected Version Control
  • Outdated Server Software


Best Chrome Extension to Check Magento Version

Here we are telling some better Google Chrome extension, with the help of which you can check the version of your website.

Top Google Chrome Extention

This Google Chrome extension helps you to determine which Magento version is running on the site and lets you know whether you are running outdated software or not.

Wappalyzer: This wappalyzer google chrome extension is widely used to find out if the store is in Magento 1 or Magento 2 version!

Wappalyzer Google Chrome Extension

Check Magento Version Extension


Check-in Admin Dashboard

As we all know and if you do not know, then also when you have opened the admin then you must have noticed that when you scroll down under the dashboard, you can see which version of Magento is installed or which version is being used.

Check Magento Version in Admin


Check version using the Composer.json

When you go to the Magento installation directory or go to the root directory of Magento, you will find the composer.json file, you open it and you will see the version of Magento.

"name": "magento/project-community-edition",
"description": "eCommerce Platform for Growth (Community Edition)",
"type": "project",
"license": [
"config": {
"preferred-install": "dist",
"sort-packages": true
"version": "2.4.2",
"require": {
"magento/product-community-edition": "2.4.2",
"magento/composer-root-update-plugin": "~1.1"


Using Command Line (CLI)

Go through the command-line interface in Magento's root directory and you will see the current version of your Magento by typing the command below.

php bin/magento --version


composer licenses | grep Name:

Check Magento Version Using CLI


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