Configure PayPal in Magento 2 : How to Integrate PayPal

I will tell you to step by step method to How to integrate the PayPal payment gateway on Magento 2 checkout page or configure PayPal in Magento 2.

PayPal comes by default with Magento, but we have to integrate it, then the PayPal payment option comes on the checkout page.

The Magento Ecommerce Framework provides a default model for integrating the PayPal Express checkout account. This feature was not there in the old version of Magento, but in the above version of 2.1.8, this facility has been given.



PayPal Payment Gateway in Magento 2


Paypal Express Checkout is also easy to integrate and it is easy for the customer to make the payment.

Due to this, the credibility of the website also increases. And when the website looks reliable in the eyes of the customer, then its sales also increase.

PayPal Payment Gateway is the most used payment gateway in the world which is also known for being the fastest and most secure.

It accepts payments in almost all currencies and mediums like debit cards, credit cards, etc.

The above-mentioned reason is sufficient that it is used in any online store or to accept online payment,

Then let us know how to add the PayPal Express Checkout payment method on your Magento website.



Steps to Configure PayPal in Magento 2


In order to configure PayPal Payment Gateway in Magento 2, we have to follow the following steps.

  • Expand the Paypal Express Checkout section in Magento 2, Admin.
  • Create a PayPal Account
  • Go to developer Paypal my account section and then get¬†PayPal, API Username, API Password, and API Signature.
  • Fill in all the required details in Magento 2 admin.
  • Admin > Store > Configuration > Sales > Payment Method > Select Merchant Location > PayPal Express
  • Just select test mode for testing purposes or not for live site

Configure PayPal in Magento 2


Step 1: Create PayPal Account


You have to first log in from the developer account section of PayPal and then click on API & SDK.

Log into paypal account


Now you have to go inside of My Apps and credentials PayPal developer account then click on generate sandbox access token button then your business sandbox details will be generated.

Configure PayPal in Magento 2


Now you have to click on the Paypal personal or business mail manage the account you will see view/see the details.

Get PayPal Account APIs Key Details


After clicking on the above button you will get the API Credentials details of PayPal for the PayPal Integration.

Get My Apps Credentials PayPal



Step 2: Configure PayPal in Magento 2 Admin


Now just go inside of admin section and fill in all the details.

Admin > Store > Configuration > Sales > Payment Method > Select Merchant Location > PayPal Express

Now your Magento 2 Paypal payment method configuration has been done.

After successful completion, when you go to the frontend of your Magento 2 store you will see the PayPal payment option.



How Frontend Looks After PayPal Integration


I am giving you some details below, by which you will be confirmed that your PayPal payment method has been completed.

First of all, you have to go to the product details page of Magento 2 you will see the PayPal payment option.

Then you will go to the mini cart and there you will also see the PayPal payment method.

Now you will go to the checkout page of Magento 2 and there you will also see the PayPal payment method option

All these proofs prove that your PayPal payment integration has been successfully completed.



Add PayPal on Product Details Page


When PayPal is successfully added, then this automatic option will appear on the product detail page.

If you want to keep this payment option on the product detail page, then you can keep it, otherwise, you can also remove it.

Configure PayPal in Magento 2 Product Detail Page




PayPal Payment Option in MiniCart


This feature comes by default in Magento, when your PayPal account is properly integrated, then this payment option starts appearing.

Configure PayPal in Magento 2 on Minicart



Configure PayPal in Magento 2 on Checkout Page


Now in the last step, your PayPal payment option appears as a payment method on Magento 2 checkout page.

Here any customer can make his payment using the PayPal payment gateway option.

PayPal accepts all payment methods.

Add PayPal Payment Method on Checkout Page





Although there are other default payment methods on the Magento website, the PayPal payment method is the most important of them and also more popular.

Because it provides the facility of making payments with the fastest, most secure, and best user experience.

This contributes even more to connecting the customers of website owners,

Due to all these great experiences, your website plays an important role in increasing the sales rates and attracting more customers.


Payment Gateway Integration Helpline


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We will solve any kind of problem immediately.

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