E-commerce in India: Indian eCommerce Business in 2021

The increasing influence of the Internet in India is becoming very widespread day by day. Due to the increasing influence of the Internet, you cannot ignore its commercial spread. In this growing business, online shopping has also spread a lot in India, and E-commerce in India has yet to be widely spread.

The use of the Internet in India is becoming very widespread, due to which there is a huge market for Internet users.

Internet users are going to grow in large numbers in the coming few years, so surely the market is also going to become very big.

E-Commerce in India in 2021


Biggest E-Commerce Users in World by 2021

India has an internet user base of around 40% of its population by 2021 and such a large internet user base makes it the second-largest user in the whole world.

It is followed by China, the United States, France, which is 48% of their population, the USA 84%, and France 81% respectively.


E-Commerce in India Biggest Acquisition and Mergers

Here we are showing you the data which has been prepared according to Grant Thronton's report.

The fast-growing Indian e-commerce industry today has taken a huge form by 2021 and it will see tremendous growth in the coming ten years.



Companies Involved


May 2014 Acquisition Flipkart acquires Myntra US$300 million
March 2015 Acquisition Snapdeal acquires Unicommerce Undisclosed
April 2015 Acquisition Snapdeal acquires FreeCharge US$400 million
April 2016 Acquisition Flipkart acquires PhonePe Undisclosed
June 2016 Acquisition Myntra (owned by Flipkart) acquires Jabong US$70 million
July 2017 Acquisition Axis Bank acquires FreeCharge US$60 million
May 2018 Acquisition Walmart acquires Flipkart US$16 billion
January 2020 Acquisition Zomato acquires Uber Eats US$350 million


The infrastructure of The Indian E-Commerce Store 2021

Although there are many hosting companies in India that are doing their job very well, when it comes to quality as well as affordable price, then some major companies like Google Amazon, etc. have been able to expand their market.

Some companies offer SaaS to host web stores.

Google India launched Great Online Shopping in 2012 by partnering with e-commerce companies including Flipkart, HomeShop18, Snapdeal, IndiaTimes Shopping, and MakeMyTrip.

Under Indian rules, foreign e-commerce companies cannot keep their inventory in India.


E-commerce in India Challenges

To be successful in the e-commerce field, you have to go through many challenges such as:

  • Logistics
  • Infrastructure
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Digitization of Available Networks
  • Mode of Transactions

The e-commerce sector in India is also facing many problems apart from these like operational, management, regulatory, and compliance as well as fluctuating customer demands.

Hire Online Shopping Application 2 Developers



You have to do a lot of hard work to be successful in the e-commerce sector in India even on a small scale. But you can earn big profits by adopting some measures.

Some of the main reasons to pay attention to your software and make your web application run smoothly.


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