How to Earn Money Digitally By Blog Writing And Other Way

Today in the digital age there are hundreds of ways to earn money digitally or online, but in the absence of the right guidance or lack of right information, most people are not able to earn money.

I will tell you some of the most popular ways to earn money, by adopting which you can also earn money online.

The Internet has become an important part of our life, from home to office, from mobile to computer.

So in such a situation, it becomes necessary that by using it on the path of self-reliance, methods of earning money online should be adopted and money should be earned.

Earn Money Digitally in 2022



1.) Freelancing - Top Freelancing Website in 2022


In today's digital age, freelance work is one of the most popular ways to earn money online from home to earn money online.

The best way to get a project in this way is to make your own personal website and then make your portal on the list of some selected websites given below and fill in all the details well.

Your personal website is not necessary but that will add value to your business brand.

Make a portfolio of your past work

Then do the bidding according to your skillset, you will get the clients very soon and you will be able to start your work.

Today I am telling you the name of some such selected websites which is the best option for you to get online work.

You can provide services according to your skills, such as if you are good at writing, programming, editing, designing, or any other skills, then you can get projects related to any of these skills or get client work and then it's After completing the work the client will give you the money.



2.) Household Goods - Selling and Earning


Selling household items is also a major option in ways to earn money online. By adopting this method, you can grow the business by investing a small amount.

You can establish your brand as an expert in any one segment. For this you do not need to create a website, there are already many good websites in the market on which you can list your product and earn profit by selling the same.

But when your business is making a good profit, in such a situation, you can sell by making your website and save the commissions in between.


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Some household products that you can produce and sell under your own brand name for less money, such as cooking supplies, or craft supplies.

These include products such as baked goods, healthy snacks, scented candles, wall hangings, table mats, and decor items.


How much can YOU earn? - Earn money digitally

There is no imitation you can earn thousand to millions it depends on your product's total sales, If you do good marketing of your business then you can make a very good profit.

When you have decided what you want to sell, then you can choose the website accordingly.



3.) Selling Insurance Online - Earn Money Digitally


You can also earn money by selling the insurance of a company, for this, you create a website and do all the work to bring traffic to it like content writing and its search keyword optimization, etc.

Or the tools of social media websites are also very useful, you can get customers by creating a page on any social media and promoting it.



4.) Stock Market Trading - Earn Money Online in 2022


Trading in the stock market is very risky until you crack some rules, investing money in it will be like gambling

In the stock market, even expert people are not able to guess, but still, you can crack some rules on the basis of your experience.

After cracking the rule continuously for a few months with little money you can start.


How much we can earn in Stock Market?

It would be preposterous to say how much you can earn because there are no rules here.

If you want, you can be a pauper and you can also become the richest man in the country.

For stock market trading, you will have to open a Demat account, for that, you can open an account at some reputed broker like,,, etc.



5.) Become a Consultant and Earn Money Digitally


As a consultant, you can offer your service to any organization or individual that needs it.

For this, the more you hold in the field in which you want to give your service, the more your fees will be higher.

Even if you are not an expert in any one field, you can still give your service.

If you want to give this service, then you can take my help in this, I give my service on the basis of 1000 per hour.

I have expertise in digital marketing, eCommerce business, search engine optimization, Magento website WordPress website.

When you improve these skills, you can do as much marketing as you can to build your brand.

The more you reach, the more your customer base will be ready.



6.) Earn Money Digitally From YouTube


Hardly anyone doesn't know about this platform.

YouTube is the easiest and most famous medium to earn money online in the 2022 digital era, if you have a passion for appearing in videos, then you can try your career in this field.

If you can present yourself well, you can become a medium of entertainment for the people.

If you can add some value to the life of the people, then this is a very good option.

You might not know that people are earning millions from youtube. Again, not an easy option, but very possible for anyone who records and uploads videos on a particular topic.


How much can you earn through youtube?

There is no need to tell, But I still tell you that from this you can earn as much money as the CEO of a big company earns.

From video shooting to video editing and video uploading, it takes a lot of hard work.

Not only this, after this you also have to market your video.



7.) Online Money Earning From Facebook, Instagram, Twitter


How wonderful it would be when someone pays you to use Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Yes, if you have a good number of followers on your page or on your ID, then there is no limit to earning money.

You can use those followers through many mediums and earn a lot of money.

If you know Virat Kohli, then let me tell you that he charges up to 50 million rupees for a tweet or for a post on Facebook Instagram.

There are many people like you and us, whose livelihood goes through social media websites.

Yes, you can also make your career in this, just need to work tirelessly.



8.) Buy and Sell Domains - Earn Money Digitally


Online website domain buying and selling work is very old.

There will be many such people who have become millionaires just by buying and selling domains.

If you have a website on which there is a lot of traffic, then you can rent a small space of your website and earn rent from it.

Because when we want to sell things for a short time, then for that a website is searched where there is already traffic.

The work of selling flats online comes in such a product, in which sellers are looking for a website that already has traffic and they take their small space on rent and build a website.

You can book and keep such domains online which people think they need to book in the future.

You need to think a little ahead in this fallow.


9.) Blogging - Earn Money Online


Blogging is also a very old and popular area to earn money.

Till now you will get Millions of people who became millionaires just by blogging.

It takes some time and a little patience is also needed for this, but once your audience base is ready, then you can earn money even while sleeping.


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When good numbers of traffic start coming to your website, then you can earn money through Google Adsense.

You get paid for showing ads on your website

Whether you want to show any sponsor ad or through Google Adsense and if you want, you can earn money through both.



10.) Online Earn Money from Affiliate Marketing


One of the old but easiest digital methods is affiliate marketing through which you can earn money.

In this, when someone buys a product from the link created by you, you get some commission for it.

There are many such online shopping websites like Amazon and Flipkart, Snapdeal, etc., which give this facility to the people to promote their business that you can earn money by joining it.

When such a website earns money from you, t gives some part of it to you so that you too can earn money by joining them.

Affiliate marketing has become the most prominent option of 2022 in terms of earning money digitally.



11.) Product Startup Online


Product startups are also a major part of online business nowadays.

For this, you need to make a product that you can sell to needy people and earn money in return.

If you are an expert in some field who can make such a product, then it is very good, even if you do not know, you can build a better team who will prepare the product for you and in return, you can sell it and make money.



12.) Open a Digital Store


Today, earning money by selling products online has become a very simple and easy way to earn money.

For this, you have to choose a product that you want to sell online, if you have a detailed knowledge of that product, then it will prove to be icing on the cake.

If you are not able to know how to make an online store in less money then you can bring my service.

Till now I have created an online eCommerce website for more than 150+ customers who are very happy doing their digital business today.

I give free maintenance service for two years to the people who get the website ready by me.



Digital Fraud While Searching for Jobs Online


Fraud is also a lot in the world of freelancing, in such a situation it becomes necessary that when you are looking for work to earn money online, then search for work with caution.

Many such fake agencies will be found which do not give money by getting the work done or many such scams will be seen which can easily make you their victim, in such a situation, do not start any work without any prepayment.

Do not register yourself on any website that asks for money before work or money for work.

Do not register yourself on any website that asks for money before work or money in return for work.