Form Field Manager: How to Manage Magento 2 Customer Form Fields

Many times we have to keep or remove fields of the customer account form according to our need, then Magento 2 Get Product Total, Subtotal, Coupon, Tax Details Via REST API for that, we have to tamper with the code, which sometimes becomes time-consuming and becomes a bit complicated. So we need a form field manager for Magento 2 stores so that fields can be managed by the admin.

The Wishusucess Magento development team is going to explain the module that will help you to do all this stuff without any problem.


Form Field Manager in Magento 2

This fields manager as soon as you install this facility will be available in Magento admin and you can easily remove or apply form fields as per the requirement of your store.

This extension is compatible with all the Magento 2 series like 2.1x, 2.2X, 2.3x, 2.4x.


What Does The Magento 2 Form Builder do?

It allows you to easily change or add new custom fields without writing any code.

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Remove Unnecessary Customer Form Fields:

By using this module you will have the option in admin to add or remove the following customer attributes from the Magento websites.

  • Name Prefix
  • Middle Name/Initial
  • Name Suffix
  • Date of Birth
  • Tax/VAT Number
  • Gender
  • Address Attributes
  • Name Prefix
  • Middle Name/Initial
  • Name Suffix
  • Company
  • Fax
  • VAT Number


Minimize Customer Effort While Checkout

By using this, you can reduce unnecessary efforts for your customer during the checkout process.

This way you can use it to help deliver a better and less boring interface for your customers.

As a result, eliminating the fields that are not required for the customer and the data you do not need to collect will both benefit.

This extension is helpful to simplify the no time wasted checkout process.


Form Feild Manager Backend

As the Wishusucess fields manager extensions backend, you will have complete access control over all customer address form fields, You will also be able to easily add or remove the form fields. Thus, the customer address fields management becomes quite easier.

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After looking at all the above features, we can finally say that this module provides the best option for the owners to manage the customer account form fields. Customers do not waste time filling the form unnecessarily and their annoyance does not increase.

And helps in completing the checkout quickly.

The cost of this module is $50.

Form Field Manager in Magento 2


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