Page Builder Editor: How to Change Editor in Magento 2

In this post I am going to explain to you how to change the editor type in Magento 2 store, So you can get the idea about changing the page builder editor also.

Magento 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 version has by default WYSIWYG page editor where writing content, inserting images, inserting, etc. is easy.

But in upcoming versions of Magento 2.4 and above, by default page builder editor has been added.

There is a standard for everything in the page builder like if we want to write HTML then we have to do separate drag and drop for it.

To insert an image in this editor, first, we have to drag and drop a row or colon, then inside it, we have to drag and drop the button containing the image.

We also have to drag and drop to edit the video, which is a bit difficult for non-technical admin people.


Steps to Change Page Builder Editor Type

1. Open Admin Section

2. Go to Stores tab

3. Select Configuration under the Settings group.

4. Click on the General group section in the left side panel on the page

5. Select Content Management and click on the Advanced Content Tools, section.

6. Select Editor.


Disable Page Builder Editor in Magento 2.4

To disable the page builder editor in the version above Magento 2.4 store, you have to go to the admin panel then from there you will see the option of content management in admin configuration, from there you can disable this editor.

Admin > Store > Configuration > Content Management > Advance Content Tool > Diable Page Bulider

Page Builder Editor Magento 2.4

Includes advanced tools to design page layouts, add Magento content (Product and Category data, CMS content and Blocks), and format text.

For Product Attributes — Page Builder can be selected as the “input type” to design layouts and create content.


Instruction While Changing Magento 2.4 Editor

Magento's recommendation is to disable the page builder editor from the admin side.

Disabling the command line interface leads to many changes and content mismatches.

Chances of data loss increase, sometimes data loss also occurs.

When the page builder editor is changed from the admin, it follows the instructions required to render the data on the frontend, due to which the content does not change and details are not lost.


Change Text Editor for Attribute

If you do not want to disable the page builder editor for the entire store, if you want to disable it for a particular attribute, then you have to go to the admin configuration for that.

Then from there, you will have to change the editor type by clicking on the product attribute, then clear the cache and load it, then you will see that your editor has changed.

You can change the attribute WYSIWYG editor type for an attribute by changing the attribute configuration.

Admin > Store > Product > Attribute > Catalog Input Type for Store Owner

Change Editor Type of Attribute



The editor of Magento 2.4 has been upgraded a bit, its standard has been increased so the page builder concept has been added.

In this editor, each content is organized in a separate section which raises the standard of the Magento eCommerce framework.


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