How to Decrease Bounce Rate of E-Commerce Website

The bounce rate of any website shows how is the quality of the content of that website, so the content quality of your website has to be good so that the bounce rate can be reduced, in this post I will explain how to decrease bounce rate of the website.


What is Bounce Rate?

Bounce rate means that when a visitor visits the site and they exit from the same page without visiting any other page, then it is called bounce rate.

This means the percentage of total visitors that are single-page sessions in which visitors leave without clicking on the link from the same page and leave the same page after visiting the page.

The bounce rate increases because of the poor engagement of the page of the website.

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How to Decrease Bounce Rate?

To reduce the bounce rate of your website, you will have to take the help of some important tools, which will tell where your website is lacking.

With the help of tools, you can measure the activities of your website such as website loading time, interactive link added, title heading description, etc. to be optimized properly.


Step 1: Increase Loading Speed

The bounce rate of any website also depends a lot on the loading speed of the website.

If your website is loading slowly, then the customer will leave your page immediately.

So if you want your visitor to stay on your page and the bounce rate is not high, then for that, you have to increase the speed of your website.

Website loading has to be done within 1 second.

You can take a maximum of 2 seconds to 3 seconds, but if you exceed this, the chances of increasing the bounce rate of your website will increase significantly.


Step 2: Add Interactive Links in Pages

The more interactive links there are in any page content, the more interactive the visitor will be with your page content.


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Step 3: Use Analytics

Google Analytics is one such free tool that proves helpful in reducing your bounce rate. This is a tool that analyzes your pages in order to decrease the bounce rate of each of your pages.

Analytics gives you real-time data with the help of which you can track your visitor when the visitor is leaving your website.

When you look at the real-time visitors, then you will see the flaw of your page, with the help of which you can remove that flaw and reduce the bounce rate.

Decrease Bounce Rate by Google Analytics
Google Analytics Real-Time Data


Step 4: Evaluate Quality Content

The better the content, the better will be your customer engagement.

When customer engagement is good, then the bounce rate of the website will also decrease.

Therefore, the title, keywords, description, and page content of any page should be well optimized.

Need to well optimize the following points:

  • Don't keep the title too long
  • Optimize headings for main keywords
  • Keep phrases short
  • Improve internal linking


Step 5: Description and Title Should be Not Misleading

The page content description should be very well optimized, not that the page content is something else and you have put something else in the description.

If this happens then it will be a miss leading content and then when the customer visits your page then the content will not be relevant to him then your website bounce will increase.

For this, you have to select the right and perfect keyboard set for the most relevant keyboard so that your content matches it.


Step 6: Add Most Relevant Backlink

The backlink of the website should be absolutely relevant, if there is not even a little relevant then the chances of your bounce rate increase.

So whenever you add a  backlink, you have to keep in mind whether this backlink is in the most relevant backlink or not, then only add it.

Add Backlinks of Website
Referred Links


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Step 7: Improve Device Friendly Experience

You will have to test how your website looks on different devices.

If someone is opening that website on mobile, then how is your content appearing, if the same content is being opened on the desktop then how is it looking, you have to make all these things device friendly.

Your content should be optimized for every device and should be friendly.

The bounce rate of your website will decrease when your content provides a good experience on all types of devices.

Device Friendly Decrease Bounce Rate
Improve Device Friendly Experience


Step 8: Increase The Visitor Engagement Level

Content must be strong. The better the content, the greater the engagement between your website and the visitor.

To keep the customer engaged, you have to put good quality content and also add interrelated links, only then your customer engagement will increase, and the bounce rate will decrease.


Google Analytics Count

The way Google Analytics calculates the bounce rate is slightly different.

When a customer visits your page and if visitors leave without clicking any link, then Google Analytics will consider you the bounce rate for that page of the website.

It doesn't matter for google analytics whether the visitors spend a considerable amount of time on that page or not.


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The low bounce rate of any website shows its quality. A low bounce rate indicates that the customer engagement is very good on your website and your content is very good.