Magento 2 All REST API List for Mobile App Development

There is no documentation in Magento where you can see the complete Magento 2 All REST APIs of catalog, customer, and checkout at one place.

If you look at the documentation on the official website of Magento, you will find that you can get the list of all APIs using Document Swagger.

But this documentation keeps so many details together that we find it a bit complicated and sometimes we are not able to extract the important things.

I am solving your problem through this documentation where you will get the list of default api of Magento with body details.

In this, you will see as much detail as you need and I have removed the things which are not needed.

All the components that are there by default like Catalog APIs, Customer APIs, Checkout APIs, CMS APIs, Payment APIs, Reviews APIs, Shipping APIs, Wishlist APIs, etc. I am giving all the list here.

Magento 2 All REST APIs List


Magento 2 All REST APIs List for Catalog

All the necessary APIs for the catalog will be available to you through this.

For this, what endpoint do you need and the payload that we send in the body so that we can save the data?

  1. Product Service APIs
  2. Tier Price APIs
  3. Product Custom Options APIs
  4. Product Links APIs
  5. Category Product Links APIs
  6. Product Website Links APIs


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Customer APIs List

In this list, we have prepared the details of all the endpoints of the customer API, such as how to get the metadata of a customer, you will get the details of all the APIs of the customer group.

To get data of customer account via api or delete or save any information, the endpoint of API and payload with complete details is mentioned.

List of customer APIs that are available in Magento 2 default.

  1. Group APIs of Customer
  2. Metadata APIs of Customer
  3. Customer Address Metadata APIs
  4. Magento 2 Customer Account APIs
  5. Addresses APIs for Customer


Checkout REST APIs List in Magento 2

How do you add to the cart through REST API for Magento 2 customers? Perform an action for all the functionalities of the mini cart like update the price, update the content, or arrive at the checkout, its API endpoint indexed here As stated.

Receive data or save data on the checkout page, update price, or place an order.

To perform all these processes through the API, you will get a list that is prepared like a dictionary.

You won't need to do much research, everything is explained in step by step order.

This checkout API's default index is created so that any developer can easily use this list to create their own mobile application

  1. Shipping guest information
  2. My shipping information
  3. Shipping information
  4. Totals information
  5. Guest totals information
  6. Managing My totals information
  7. Guest place order with payment information saving
  8. My place order with payment information saving
  9. Get payment information
  10. Managing payment guest information
  11. My payment information