Custom SMTP: Magento 2 SMTP Settings for Mail Sending

Many times there is a problem in the mailing system of Magento e-commerce and the mail does not ask at all, that is why the custom SMTP feature has been introduced for Magento 2 which provides convenience in sending your emails.

If an email sent from the Magento 2 store reaches the spam box then there is a need to install a custom SMTP extension. As soon as it is installed, the problem of mail reaching the mail spam box is solved.

Many times we send mail from Gmail, then it does not reach
The main reason for this is the setting of Gmail.

If you haven't turned on Two-Step Verification or Google Mail doesn't allow you to send mail from less secure eCommerce stores, you need to change your settings.

Google Less Secure appTurn on Google Mail Less Secure App


Step 1: Install Magento 2 Custom SMTP Extension

First, we have to install the Magento 2 custom SMTP extension in our store, then we have to configure the extension by submitting required details like port number, mailing server, SMTP user id, and password.

Successful testing of SMTP extension will show messages like the below images.

Mageplaza SMTP Configuration

In order to configure the SMTP General Configuration, go to

Stores > Settings > Configuration > Mageplaza > SMTP

Then choose SMTP Configuration

Magento 2 SMTP Configuration

Here, SMTP Username is your email id

and SMTP password is your email id password

Note: Complete the second step in order to send the test mail.

Magento 2 Custom SMTP Testing

Now check your mailbox, you must have received an email that the test was successful.

Mageplaza smtp magento 2


Magepal SMTP Configuration in Magento 2

In order to configure magepal Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) extension, you have to go into store configuration, after successful configuration, you will be able to send email through a specific third-party mail SMTP server.

mail sending SMTP magepal in Magento 2


Online Help for Custom SMTP Configuration in Magento 2

If you need any help in configuring custom SMTP in your Magento 2 website then you can call us, we will configure your Magento 2 store at a fixed rate for this. We charge only 30 dollars and that store configuration gets ready within 30 minutes and then you can send your mail from your store.

Email or Skype ID:

Contact Number/WhatsApp: +91-8197565002


Step 2: Change Magento 2 Store Email Address

You will receive the mail only after the configured store email addresses in your Magento 2 store.

Here, you have to enter the sender's email address that represents the business representative.

Stores > Setting > Configuration > General > Store Email Address

Magento 2 SMTP store email address

Now your SMTP mail configuration has been done, now you can send mail from your Magento 2 stores.



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