eCommerce Framework: Magento 2 eCommerce Developers in India

Nowadays, eCommerce is on booming because it's an internet era. And most of the people who have some kind of business ideas and want to open their offline store also want to have an online shopping store for their offline stores so eCommerce Framework on huge demand in future.

This online shopping has drastically changed the shopping pattern nowadays. and now most of the people love buying their stuff in the line stores only.

So then people have a lot of options to develop their online shopping website using different technology and obviously, Magento is one of them.

By using the Magento content management system we can develop websites like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, etc. that can handle the extreme requests 24*7 without any extra effort.

Magento 2 eCommerce Framework Developers in India 2021


eCommerce Framework in 2021

So I am defining first about commerce, An eCommerce framework allows you to develop an online shopping website without using a lot of effort. This means you just have to install the framework and you can design your frontend according to your design and then start selling your product.

You just have to configure the payment system and that shit, no any other extra thing you have to implement to start your e-commerce store.

But if you want to add extra functionality then you can add or override the core functionality extending the module or class.

So the biggest question is how efficient the available e-commerce framework is in the market.


eCommerce Frameworks Types

Magento offers you three primary types of eCommerce frameworks. So you can choose as per your requirements. All the Magento tyes have different functionality to work. These stores will have their own strengths and weaknesses.

Magento ECommerce Platform

Zen Cart Platform

OpenCart Platform

PrestaShop Shopping Platform

Drupal Commerce

Shopify Shopping Plateform



Magento Frameworks Types Are:

  • SaaS.
  • Open-source.
  • Headless commerce.


Key Features of Magento 2 eCommerce

All the Magento version and tyes have their own key features over the security, product catalog, checkout, etc. But here, I am talking about the most common features which need in all kinds of eCommerce frameworks.

Product Management:

When it comes to product management then Magento is really a very nice framework. it can handle millions of products without any trouble.

This framework offers you 6 types of products:

  1. Simple Products
  2. Virtual Products
  3. Configurable Products
  4. Bundle Products
  5. Groped Products
  6. DownloadableProducts

This admin side of product Management is really very nice you can add all kinds of products from Admin > Catalog > Add Product, Product using a separate category.


Mobile Supported eCommerce

Nowadays 75% of customers are buying products from mobile so we need an extremely mobile-supported framework and Magento commerce is one of them.

This framework let you pick various kind of payment methods like integration of popular mobile payment methods such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, Amazon Pay, and others.


Security in Magento Stores

Online shopping stores are always targeted by hackers so shopping stores security is one of the supreme priority tasks.

Magento sites always release time-to-time security patches which help stores keep secure from the hackers.

In other files, you can set the disallow access according to your priority of origin.

So in the commerce store sites owner are responsible to keep customer data secure otherwise it will break the security breaches.


Built-in SEO Capabilities.

There are many e-commerce frameworks that offer this functionality for their user's but Magento SEO facilities are on another level.

It supports improved SEO capabilities, SEO URL rewrites functionalities including control over your URLs, title tags, header tags, and metadata.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the biggest reasons to succeed your online e-commerce business and Magento has really understood its user requirements.

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Extensive plugins or Integrations

By using a variety of plugins you can change your store behavior completely as per your requirement and also it's very easy to implement the new plugin for Magento developers.

This framework also offers easy migration of your old version store into a newer version of the Magento store easily.

There are a lot of default tools of integration of Magento stores with different framework websites and technology by using the integration tool .


Select the Best Ecommerce Framework 2021

Most of the shopping platforms have a lot of features which is completely out of the box, which make little complex to customize as per the design but it's making set-up quick and easy.

So you can decide your platform by comparing your needs and and requirement fulfilment then set up your shopping website.


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