Top Magento 2 Free Extension For Banner Image Slider

In this article, I am going to explain how we can add banner image sliders on the home page, category page, cms page, or block page in Magento 2 websites.

Wishusucess Magento 2 Banner Slider Free Extension

This extension helps you t add a banner image in your store which makes your store beautiful and appealing to the customer through installing a Wishusucess free banner slider extension.

By adding these slideshows extension websites look wonderful with magnificent slide effects with Magento 2 Wishusucess free module.


Wishusucess Banner Image Sliders

Allows you to create a banner for your stores and you can call that banner anywhere to promote your website. By adding these banner images usually, we can show the target information to the customer.

Moreover, the Wishusucess slider extension makes your store beautiful and attractive.

  • No needs to add extra code in your store.
  • very little time takes to add your banner slider Images on your desire pages.
  • Sliders banner Improve customer experience.
  • By adding this banner you can target specific information for the customer.
  • Banner to introduce business
  • Increase Click-Through-Rate(CTR) by installing this banner module. so its increases promotions and sales.T
  • No other dependencies are required.
  • Wishusucess banner Images extension is compatible with all Magento 2 versions, from Magento 2.0, Magento 2.1, Magento 2.2, Magento 2.3, Magento 2.4, etc.


Banner Images Sliders Compatibility

There is no other coding is required so, you can use the Banner Slider extension on any page like you can use it for Home Page Banner Slider, category page banner slider, cms page banner slider, block images slider.


Advantages of Wishusucess Banner Image Sliders

You can make your store too attractive just by installing this module. So when you add this slider you will have the option to make it appealing and informative for the customer.

  • Attractive slideshows

When the banner is informative and attractive then customers can easily get engaged with the product and that will increase sales Because it attracts customers' attention through the informative image.

  • Customers always pay attention to moving images.

With a gorgeous banner image slideshow, your store will have the extra capabilities to grab the attention of your customers.

It provides an images slider flexibly so you can add any page on your store like homepage, category page, product page, CMS page.

- It has the extra customization functionality in admin so you can increase the slider speed or decrease the slider speed.


How to Install Magento 2 Banner Slider Extension

Just visit our official Github directory and download the  Wishusucess Slider Extension and paste it into your Magento root app/code directory.

Download Wishusucess Images Slider


Run The Following Command in Magento 2 Root Folder:

php bin/magento setup:upgrade

php bin/magento setup:di:compile

php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy -f

php bin/magento cache:clean


Hire Magento 2 Developers for your Stores

Banner image Sliders in Magento 2

You can add image video, image as a banner slider

Also, you can change the configuration of sliders.

Magento 2 Banner Image Sliders


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