Magento Community Edition vs Enterprise Edition

We are going to compare the Magento Community Edition vs Enterprise Edition platforms here. Although both these platforms are part of the same Magento ecosystem

But still, we need to compare because there is an open source and another is paid version.

The Enterprise edition of Magento (Magento EE) has been developed keeping in mind the people who grow their business at the enterprise level if you see some of the top Magento websites in the world then you will get the idea.

Magento Community Edition vs Enterprise Edition


13 Comparision of Magento Enterprise and Community

S.N Magento Community Edition (CC)              Magento Enterprise Edition (EE)            
1. Distributed for Free Premium, Start with $22,000/year
2. Open-source version, No need to pay licensing fees The paid version, Need to pay licensing fees
3. Wider Community of Third-Party Developer Managed by Magento owner
4. Less security Heightened security
5. Lesser Performance Better Performance
6. Lesser Scalability Enhanced Scalability
7. Normal Transaction Token Based Transaction
8. No scanning Regular virus scanning
9. No Penetration Testing Built-in Penetration Testing
10. Too many loopholes and the community is always busy fixing the bug. Bug Bounty Programs
11. Good for small-scale business Good for larger-scale business
12. No Special Support from Magento for a Store Technical support, Configuration, and other Premium features.
13. Doesn’t support B2B features Support B2B features


Enterprise vs Community

The main difference between Magento 2 community edition and vs enterprise edition is that the Magento community edition is absolutely free whereas for enterprise we have to pay it is a premium version.

The Community Edition can be downloaded for free from Magento's official website and can be easily installed on the server, while the Enterprise version offered a premium membership plan that offers free technical support from the Magento team, along with a variety of configurations and premium features.


What is Magento 2 Community Edition?

Magento Community Edition is an online open source platform that is available for free to create an e-commerce store.

It is the best option for small business owners to start their own online store without any investment.

The Community version caters to all the needs of small business owners with all the functionality needed for an online store.

You can download the Magento Community Edition from the official website of the Magento Store and install it on your server and design or customize it as per your business needs.

Who Needs Magento Community Edition?

  1. Low budget traders
  2. New brand businessman
  3. Low-traffic store owner
  4. For low-feature stores
  5. For designs that don't require much customization
  6. People who do not fall in the cycle of license
  7. Freelance Developer

If you don't mind the budget and you want to design your store according to your mind and want to add new features then Community Edition would be good for you too.


What is Magento Enterprise Edition

Magento Enterprise Edition also known as Magento Commerce is the paid version of the Magento eCommerce platform.

It is for those people who are looking to scale their business on a large scale.

Those big market players who want to open their online store and already have good number of traffic on their website.

In its Enterprise edition, you get free technical support, installation from the Magento core team, as well as troubleshooting or minor premium, features available for free. If you want to do any troubleshooting, they are also available for free.


Who Needs Magento Enterprise Edition?

  1. Large eCommerce Stores.
  2. Massive Traffic Store.
  3. Dedicated Technical Support.
  4. Stores with a million off Catalog.


Magento Community vs Enterprise Edition

Let’s see the difference between Magento Community Edition(CE) vs Enterprise Edition(EE), in terms of:

  • Security
  • Performance
  • Scalability
  • Functionality
  • Marketing
  • Support


Which is Best?

These are the companies whose regular traffic is very massive and they do their business on a large scale, so they need high performance and high user experience with high security, for which the team of expert developers is on to hire.

These companies do not have to get stuck in other parts to run their business smoothly.

Now the main question comes whether the Magento communities edition is best or the enterprise edition is best.

If you are doing business on small scale or your website does not have traffic then you should go with Magento community edition but if you run a large-scale or medium-scale size business and your website has massive traffic then You should go with Enterprise Edition.



I hope you have enjoyed this comparative study and have got clarity as to which edition to go for.

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