Magento Reindexing is Taking Too Much Time: Solution

When we do Magento 2 reindexing then many times it happens that a particular index takes hours which also becomes very long.

If your Magento 2 indexing starts consuming more time than expected, then Magento website performance starts to go down and the store becomes very slow too.

Therefore, it becomes necessary for us to reduce the excessive indexing time so that our store can load faster and improve the performance of the store.

Magento Reindexing is Taking Too Much Time
Too Long Reindexing Time

When the store loads slowly, then the bounce rate of that store also increases, due to which the SEO of your store starts to deteriorate and the search performance also starts to deteriorate, and gradually the number of visitors to your site starts decreasing.


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Reduce the Magento 2 Reindexing Time

What are the steps by which we can improve the indexing of our website fast?

php bin/magento indexer:reindex

So here I am giving you some solutions that will help you to reduce the Magento 2 reindexing time while indexing.


Point 1: Set up Cron in Magento 2

When you make changes to your product or category, we need to do indexing.

The cron job will automatically do the indexing for you on a regular basis at the scheduled time so that you do not need to do indexing again and again.


Point 2: Use Enough Resource as Per DB Size

You will have to keep the necessary hardware resources of the server according to the size of your database.

You need to optimize your server. There is a number of Magento dedicated servers that take care of the requirements for your store.

Magento 2 dedicated servers are or Cloud Servers like amazon, cloudways, etc.


Point 3: Get Rid of Messay Database

Many times when we implement a website with multiple stores, each store has its own database.

If you do not implement it in a Magento 2 standardized way then there is also a chance of your database becoming messy which consumes a lot of unnecessary time at the time of indexing.


Point 4: Huge Size of Data

Basically, when the database of a store is huge, then its indexing will also take more time.

Because while indexing, whatever changes have happened in your database, it checks all the database once and updates it, and then saves it in the database.

This is a time-consuming process and the execution time depends on the size of the database.

Because of this, sometimes it takes hours because the database of the store is very large.


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Point 5: Install Magento 2 Reindex extension

By default magento2 allows you to do more indexing, you can do indexing both ways, you can also do it from the command line, and by going to the admin panel you can do indexing from there also.

But both these process takes you by default time consuming, you can use an extension to reduce this timing.

The Wishusucess Magento 2 reindexing extension automatically manages your indexing and optimizes each of your store data, thereby saving indexing time.

But sometimes you find it a bit non-friendly to run the code from the command line, which provides a bad experience for those nonfamiliar admin users.

Therefore, you can install the Wishusucess Magento 2 Reindex extension.


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Point 6: Assign Product in Correct Level

It is also necessary to assign in the correct level of the category, otherwise, the indexing time increases due to assigning of the product.

Suppose you have assigned some products in the third-level category now you don't need to assign the same products in the second-level category.

For this, you just enable the Achor by going to the admin category, then that product will automatically appear on the frontend.

Magento 2 Reindexing

Point 7: Third-Party Extension

There are some third-party extensions that are used for catalog search or are taken to add some other kind of functionality which also sometimes takes a lot of time.

Example: Algolia Search, ElasticSearch, etc.


Point 8: Windows OS

The recommendation of the core team of Magento is that you should keep the server of the ubuntu operating system to host it.

Magento is not compatible with windows so you should not use this os as the server.

My recommendation is that you use Amazon Cloud Server.

Here your reindexing will be very fast on its own, in this, you will not feel the need to do much.



Magento 2 is very optimized in itself, if even then you are taking more time for reindexing then it could be one of the reasons mentioned above, you have to remove that problem.

If you need any kind of help then you can contact me for this, your problem can be solved at a very fair charge within a very short time.