Nagaland Public Service Commission: Functions And Responsibilities 2021

Nagaland Public Service Commission, abbreviated as NPSC is a constitutional body established in 1965 by the Government of Nagaland. It is responsible for conducting Civil Services examinations and Competitive Examinations to select the eligible candidates for various civil services and departmental posts.

Nagaland Public Service Commission


Key Description of Nagaland Public Service Commission:

Formed: 1965

Jurisdiction: Government of Nagaland

Headquarters: Thizama, Nagaland

Parent Department: Union Public Service Commission



History of NPSC

Formation of NPSC came into consideration in 1965 when Nagaland state was born under the constitution of India. The commission was initially headed by its chairman along with its two members. In 1985, the commission was granted the permission to work under two more members.


Functions And Responsibilities of Nagaland Public Service Commission

  • The commission is performing various roles as amended in Article 320 of the Constitution of India.
  • To conduct competitive and civil examinations for appointments to the services under its jurisdiction.
  • To conducting screening test of the selected candidates.
  • To sought assistance from the Union Public Service Commission in framing, or operating schemes if needed or requested by the state commission.
  • To make appointments to state civil services.
  • To check the suitability of the candidates when promoting and transferring them from one service to another.


Administrative Setup of NPSC

NPSC was primarily headed by three members including one chairman. Since the past amendments were revised, now it consists four members and a chairman.


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