Payment Method: How to Configure Payment Methods in Magento 2

Magento 2 has an admin setting to manage the offline payment methods from the admin store.

Manage Offline and Online Payment Options:

Stores > Settings > Configuration > Sales > Payment Methods


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Magento 2 Payment Methods Setting

Default core team of Magento 2 has given a setting in admin from where you can choose or change the facility to make online or offline payments.

In offline payment options, there is a method like cash on delivery and money order that can be chosen by the store owner as per their customer convenience. There is also an option to choose online payment solutions like PayPal.

For the online payment option, you need to do the necessary configuration like API key and its username details, etc.

Payment Methods in Magento 2


Available Offline Payment Options

There are inbuilt offline methods options in Magento 2 store owners can choose the payment option as per their customer requirements and convenience.

Payment Options in Magento 2


Other Payment Options in Magento 2

By the way, payment gateway works for you to collect payment from your customer without leaving your site, whenever we do a payment transaction through payment gateway, the payment gateway keeps full control of it, and as soon as Your transaction is over then the gateway hooks up to your customer on your site.

There are some default gateway provided by the Magento development team in Magento 2 and onwards version that provide merchant services across all over the world.


Magento 2 Recommended Payment Methods

If you want to provide the facility of payment to your customers by credit card or debit card payment on the Magento website, then for that you have recommended a solution through which you can accept payment through PayPal or any card.

The following methods are available in the store so you just need to configure the setting and then you can start accepting online payment by PayPal account or credit card.

  • PayPal Express Checkout
  • Braintree
  • Payment Services


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