Pollution”SSC Descriptive paper”

A challenge for India , According to a world Health Organisation (WHO) study , more than 5 lakh Indians die every year due to pollution. Pollution is the Contamination of environment from materials interfering with human health, The quality of life and natural functioning of ecosystem. Be it air water or noise pollution, the small looking issue is gravely affecting the lives especially in a developing country like India.

The major causes of pollution are rapid industrialization , population explosion and disregard to the plight of Mother Nature . Any pollutants be biodegradable (like seauage , wood ,papper) or non degradable (like plastic, chemicals ,industrial effluents) will cause contamination if present in excessive quantities. Once contamination occurs it is difficult or impossible to prevent then from causing Pollution .

Alarmingaly the affect of these pollutants is not limited to humen health (causing disease like cancer, asthma or chronic ailments) . It also cause harm to the natural flora and fauna there by affecting our food chain and ecosystem. A developing economy like India with huge population and limited resources cannot afford to bear the damage caused by population.

Over the years, we have extensively polluted our environment. Than fully how the awareness is spreading . Many green compaign are being organised by school and extending to big corporates . Parallels , various government initiative like formation National Green Tribunal (NGT) ,launching national mission for clean Ganga , promoting hybrid vehicles and banning polyethen bags is proving helpful to curb the problem of pollution . With all those cumulative efforts , we can envision to the lead the world by setting an example of green , sustainable and eco friendly nation . As a wise man once said ,” success is the some of small efforts ,repeated day in and day out”. Currently there are many step to follow the control the pollution as like electronic vehicles and solar system used.