Complete Professional Blogging Course for Beginner



Key Points:

  1. What is Blog, Website
  2. What is Web Hosting Service Provider?
  3. How to Book Domain Name and Install WordPress
  4. Blogging Basics
  5. Installing Theme, Customizing Theme, Installing Plugin, Customizing Plugin
  6. Create Necessary Page
  7. How to write a Blog(Decide outline of the blog)
  8. How to Optimize Blog(SEO, Keyword Research)
  9. Submit URL in webmaster Tool(Google, Bing)
  10. Search Engine Console(Tracking Post, Debugging Error)
  11. What are the Blogging Mistakes that Need to Avoid
  12. Marketing Strategy for the Blog
  13. How to earn money online?
  14. Launch online products to earn money





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Why Should I Join a Professional Blogging Course?

If you want to become a successful professional blogger and you want to earn money online and get financial freedom as soon as possible.

if you want to know how to start professional blogging?

What kind of mistakes should be avoided at the beginning who wants to make a career in blogging?

What are the steps a professional blogger should follow to make a career in blogging?

what are the mistakes that need to be known otherwise no matter how hard you work, you cannot be successful in your blog?

What are the necessary steps to become a successful professional blogger which are followed by guaranteed success

if you want to know about the questions, then join our course today?


Professional Blogging Course in Hindi Free

Now if you want to learn a professional blogging course in Hindi, then I have prepared a complete tutorial for this, you can also learn from here for free.

But if you join our premium package then you will get to learn a lot here.


Live Example to Earn Money

Earning money will be taught within the guaranteed six months where you will achieve instant success and you will be given complete information about how many steps you need to go through and how much content you need to write to earn your first 100 dollars.

You will be given a practical example that how you can earn money and how the money will be transferred to your account, you will do all this by yourself.

You will be guided to do which will increase your confidence and become a successful blogger within the coming 1 year


Complete Professional Blogging Course

In this course, along with learning blogging, you will also learn the basics of the area.

  • Blogging Classic Guide
  • How to Make a Successful Blog
  • Proven blogging strategies for content, promotion, and monetization
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • 7 Different ways to earn money through blogging.