Pushpam Priya Choudhary: About Plurals Party President

Who is Pushpam Priya Chaudhary?

Pushpam Priya Chaudhary is the daughter of Janata Dal (United) leader and member of the Legislative Council, Vinod Chaudhary. Originally from Darbhanga and earlier lived in London.

Pushpam Priya Chaudhary
Pushpam Priya Chaudhary


Key Description

Full Name: Pushpam Priya Chaudhary

Father Name: Vinod Chaudhary (JDU Leader)

Education: London School of Economics and Political Science. MA Dev. Studies, IDS, University of Sussex.

Website: pushpampc.com

Social Network: Facebook, Twitter


About Pushpam Priya Chaudhary

In his new political party Plurals' Ed Pushpam, this platform is perfect for those who love Bihar and hate politics. Bihar needs better and better is possible. Pushpam is asking people to join his party and seize power from those in power. He has also advertised on his Facebook and Twitter, writing that our party has a roadmap and blueprint of Bihar ready for 2025 and 2030.

Pushpam Priya Chaudhary Biography
Pushpam Priya Chaudhary

In the advertisement, Pushpam described himself as the chairman of the plurals team. He has an MA in Development Studies from The University of England's The Institute of Development Studies and an MA in Public Administration from the London School of Economics and Political Science, according to Pushpam's Twitter details.

Pushpam Priya Chaudhary is in the discussion about her black dress. She says Bihar needs to be made better and better is possible.

Regarding the dress, Pushpam said that if we wear black dress then why does CM Nitish Kumar wear a bright dress? There is no dress code in the constitution. If our party wins, then like other states, we will make this state a developed and prosperous Bihar.