RTU Important Questions – CS – Cloud Computing in 2020

RTU Important Questions for Cloud Computing - B.Tech

Here i am giving you unit wise RTU Important Questions for Cloud Computing in 2020, So be prepare for this year.


Unit - 1

  1. What is the broad approach for migration into cloud? Discuss the challenges and risk involved in this process.
  2. What is Cloud Computing?Explain with different type of computing architecture.


Unit – 2

  1. Describe the following service delivery models by giving the suitable example
  • Iaas
  • Pass
  • Saas

2. Write Short Notes on:

  • Hadoop
  • Map Reduce


Unit - 3

  1. What is cloud virtualization? Explain implementation level of virtualization
  2. Explain parallel and distributed programming paradigm in cloud computing using a practical example
  3. Write short notes on:-
  • VMware, KVM Hypervisor
  • Xen Virtualization Technology
  • Full Virtualization

4. Explain Network Virtualization and it’s components

5. Write short notes on:-

  • Virtual Cluster & Resource Management
  • Virtualization of Data Center & its Benefits
  • Differentiate Server & Desktop Virtualization


Unit - 4

  1. What is Cloud Computing Security? Explain types of security policies, security requirements, security challenges
  2. Write short notes on:-
  • Trust management in application
  • Security Managements
  • Service level Agreements
  • Security policy implementation

3. What do you mean by trusted cloud?

4. What is Business Continuity Planning? Explain its process.


Unit - 5


  1. Write short note on:-
  • Google App And its Architecture
  • Data Analysis and Its Application
  • Federated Cloud
  • Third party Cloud Service

2. What is scientific application of cloud computing? Explain

3. Write overview of Anexa Framework with reference to cloud computing platform


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