RTU Project Ideas: Computer Science Final Year Students

Here i am giving you some best Rajasthan Technical University Based project ideas or rtu project ideas for computer science and engineering final year students which will help you to choose the best and effective project in you last academic semester of exam.

RTU Best Project ideas 2020

Here some rtu project ideas and topic are give according to the project and areas of subject, You can choose rtu project ideas according to your choice and start implementing it.

RTU Project ideas for Machine Learning Based Project

  1. Movies Recommendation System
  2. Personalized Product Recommendation in Shopping Portal
  3. Iris Flowers Classification Project.
  4. Housing Prices Prediction Project.
  5. MNIST Digit Classification Project.
  6. Stock Price Prediction using Machine Learning.
  7. Fake News Detection Project.
  8. Bitcoin Price Predictor Project.
  9. Uber Data Analysis Project.
  10. Credit Card Fraud Detection Project.


RTU Project Ideas for Cloud Computing Based Project

  1. eBug Tracker – Bug Tracking System Project.
  2. Android Offloading Computation Over Cloud.
  3. Secure Text Transfer Using Diffie Hellman Key Exchange Based on Cloud.
  4. University Campus Online Automation Using Cloud Computing.
  5. Intelligent rule-based phishing websites classification Based on URL Features.


Mobile Application Development Based Project

  1. Augmented reality app that helps you design your room.
  2. Scan and convert to pdf app.
  3. Health check-up and food planner app.
  4. Railway tracking app.
  5. Language learning app.
  6. Voice translation app.
  7. Bike servicing app.
  8. Call recording app.


RTU Project Ideas for Web Application Based Project

  1. Youtube Radio. This can be the best web app project ideas to make money at a very low investment.
  2. AI-Based Browser Cookies.
  3. Machine Learning Based Astrology.
  4. Chatbot Hosting.
  5. Best Web App Ideas.
  6. Blockchain based Medical Support Platform.
  7. Childtube.
  8. Business Advisor.


Best Ideas for Data Science Based Project

  1. Character Recognition.
  2. Driver Drowsiness Detection.
  3. Breast Cancer Detection.
  4. Impact Of Climate Change On Global Food Supply.
  5. Chatbot.
  6. Web Traffic Time Series Forecasting.
  7. Fake News Detection.
  8. Human Action Recognition.


Best Ideas for Data Mining Projects Topics

  1. Voice based Intelligent Virtual Assistance for Windows.
  2. Smart Health Disease Prediction Using Naive Bayes.
  3. Chat Bot for Granite Online Ecommerce Shop.
  4. Predictive Analysis of Digital Agriculture.
  5. Food Recipes Rating System based on Emotional Analysis.
  6. Artificial Intelligence HealthCare Chatbot System.


List of Best ideas for Hadoop Project:

  1. Location mining from online social networks.
  2. Interference prevention of Private Attributes.
  3. Access Control in Social Networks.
  4. Proliferation of data.
  5. Streaming analytics increasing through Apache Spark and Flink.
  6. Data Analytics Increasing and increasing Cloud based Data Analytics.


Best Ideas for Artificial Intelligence Based Project

  1. Predict Housing Price.
  2. Enron Investigation.
  3. Stock Price Prediction.
  4. Customer Recommendation.
  5. Chatbots.
  6. Voice-based Virtual Assistant for Windows.
  7. Facial Emotion Recognition and Detection.
  8. Online Assignment Plagiarism Checker.



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