RTU Previous year question papers for Computer Science

RTU: Question Papers

Computer Science & Engineering And IT

Session: 2018-2019

3CS2-01: Advanced Engineering Mathematics

3CS1-02/4CS1-02: Technical Communication

3CS1-03/ 4CS1-03: Managerial Economics And Financial Accounting

3CS3-04: Digital Electronics

3CS4-05: Data Structures And Algorithms

3CS4-06: Object Oriented Programming

3CS4-07: Software Engineering

3CS4a Linux And Shell Programming

3CS5a Object Oriented Programming

3CS6a Advanced Engineering Mathematics

4CS2-01: Discrete Mathematics Structure

4CS1-03/3CS1-03: Managerial Economics And Financial Accounting

4CS1-02/3CS1-02: Technical Communication

4CS3-04: Microprocessor & Interfaces

4CS4-05: Database Management System

4CS4-06: Theory Of Computation

4CS4-07: Data Communication And Computer Networks

4CS1a Microprocessor And Interfaces

4CS2a Discrete Mathematical Structures

4CS3a StatistiCS & Probability Theory

4CS4a Software Engineering

4CS5a Principles Of Communication

4CS6a Principles Of Programming Languages

5CS3-01: Information Theory & Coding

5CS4-02: Compiler Design

5CS4-03: Operating System

5CS4-04: Computer Graphics & Multimedia

5CS4-05: Analysis Of Algorithms

5CS5-11: Wireless Communication

5CS5-12: Human Computer Interaction

5CS1a Computer Architecture

5CS2a Digital Logic Design

5CS3a Telecommunication Fundamentals

5CS4a Database Management Systems

5CS5a Operating Systems

5CS6.1a Advanced Data Structure

5CS6.2a Digital Signal Processing

5CS6.3a Information Theory & Coding

6CS3-01: Digital Image Processing

6CS4-02:Machine Learning

6CS4-03: Information Security System

6CS4-04: Computer Architecture And Organization

6CS4-05: Artificial Intelligence

6CS4-06: Cloud Computing

6CS5-11: Distributed System

6CS5-12: Software Defined Network

6CS5-13: Ecommerce & Erp

6CS1A Computer Networks

6CS2A Design And Analysis Of Algorithms

6CS3A Theory Of Computation

6CS4A Computer Graphics & Multimedia Techniques.

6CS5A Embedded System Design

6CS6.1A Advance Topics In Operating Systems

6CS6.2A Artificial Intelligence

6CS6.3A Human Computer Interface

7CS1A Cloud Computing

7CS2A Information System Security

7CS3A Data Mining & Ware Housing

7CS4A Computer Aided Design For Vlsi

7CS5A Compiler Construction

7CS6.1A Advance Database Management Systems

7CS6.3A Data Compression Techniques

8CS1A Mobile Computing

8CS2A Digital Image Processing

8CS3A Distributed Systems

8CS4.1A Hardware Testing And Fault Tolerance

8CS4.2A Real Time Systems

8CS4.3A Ainformation Retrieval


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Computer Science & Engineering And IT

Session 2017 - 2018



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Computer Science & Engineering And IT

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Computer Science & Engineering And IT

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7CS1A: Cloud Computing


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Computer Science & Engineering And IT

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8CS1A Mobile Computing



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