What is Webinar Software and List of Best Webinar Software in 2020

What is Webinar Software?

A webinar is essentially a blend of the words web and seminar. Webinar software runs this online video conference meeting. It’s better defined as a lecture, live presentation, meeting, or event that is conducted entirely online and attended by an exclusive audience.

The software that is used to run and conduct a webinar is called a ‘webinar software.’ These webinar tools help you make your webinars more interactive, engaging, and flexible.

The best part is that these tools are exceedingly customizable, and allow users to modify the webinars according to their requirements. This way, you can even add a personal touch to your webinars.

There are multiple options on the market, including Webinarjam, Easywebinar, and more. Additionally, software like Google Hangouts provides a free option for hosting webinars, which comes in handy for hosts on a tight budget.


Top Webinar Software in 2020


1.) WebinarJam

WebinarJam - Best Webinar Software 2020

Website Link: WebinarJam.com


2.) Demio

Demio Webinar Software for Online Meeting 2020

Website Link: Demio.com

3.) ClickMeeting

What is ClickMeeting, Pricing and Reviews 2020

Website Link: ClickMeeting.com

4.) Webinarninja

Webinarninja Software - Webinar Software

Website Link: Webinarninja.com

5.) GoToWebinar

GoToMeeting Pricing Plan 2020


Website Link: GoToWebinar.com

6.) Livestorm


LiveStorm Webinar Software

Website Link: LiveStorm.com

7.) BigMarker

BigMaker Webinar Software

Website Link: BigMaker.com

8.) EasyWebinar

EasyWebinar Software

Website Link: EasyWebinar.com

9.) EverWebinar

EverWebibar Software

Website Link: EverWebinar.com

10.) GetResponse

GetResponse Webinar Software

Website Link: GetResponse.com

11.) Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect Webinar Software

Website Link: Adobe

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