Amit Bhadana views on YouTube Fake or Real?

Amit Bhadana views on YouTube Fake or Real?

Report on Amit Bhadana Views

Before proceeding to the amit bhadana views we should some basic introcution about him like personal information, education, popularity etc.

1. Amit Bhadana Introduction: Amit was born on 17th September 1994 in Johripur, Delhi, India. He is a mainstream performing artist and YouTuber who makes funny vines.

He is active on most of the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube and has more than 10 million followers. He first started making vines in late 2016 and has now gained more than 12 billion youtube views on his videos.

Over 1.8 Millions Subscriber in a little over a year, is just immensely impressive.

2. Amit Bhadana Popularity


Amit Bhadana is having Increasing popularity and Incredible Talent. Starting from scratch he has turned out to be a standout amongst  the most popular Indian viner in recent times.

Through his appeal and amusingness he has picked up a wide fan base the nation over with the assistance of internet based life like facebook, twitter and so forth.


3. Career & Education

Amit Bhadana belongs to Johripur town in North Delhi. He has completed his schooling from Yamuna Bihar school and completed his graduation in the field of law. Amit always enjoyed making other people laugh in schools and in his friend circle.


4. His Records

The YouTube sensation Amit Bhadana broke the record of numerous popular YouTube channels over the world when he gained 84,000+ subscribers in only 24 hrs.

amit bhadana
amit bhadana -

First we should know the some fact about amit bhadana views fake or real and facts are:

When someone watches an Amit Bhadana video, he or she would subscribe too, because those videos are the mainstream general comedy, and highly relatable. Hence the reason of such speedy increase in subscribers.

It requires talent to reach to such a level and gaining views.


3. Some key factor we should know about his video:

  • There is a lot of channels that provide you non-veg (abusive) comedy like BB Ki Vines, Ashish Chanchlani Vines, TVF, AIB but there is very less channel that will provide you fresh and healthy comedy for all types of audience, Amit is one of them.
  • Huge population of India live in village, after coming jio most of the people are using internet there and on YouTube they don't have many options. Village society is very different than Cities, Most of them don't understand BB Ki Vines, Stand Up Comedy, TVF etc. So they watch Amit Bhadana which is easy to understand.
  • He doesn't abuse, so a huge audience can actually watch it
  • He can afford to create shitty videos because his target audience demands shitty relatable videos.
  • Amit Bhadana always choose general topic which is easily understandable and presents in a movie form, which actually attracts people. And this is the main reason “why he is gaining more subscribers?”.


4. Social Account of Amit Bhadana

Wishusucess Team congratulating him for a massive success.


Amit Bhadana Views - Analysis Report

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