How to Advertise Magento 2 Store Product on Google Merchant Center

Everyone wants to promote their products online as much as possible so that their sales increase and earn good profits. One of the best ways to promote online is through the Google Merchant Center.

If you also want to promote any product of your shopping website on Google, then you can take the help of Google Shopping Center.

Google Merchant is the best step in the digital era to getting your products to appear in Shopping ad campaigns.


What is Google Merchant Center?

The Google Merchant service was launched by Google in 2010.

The purpose of this merchant center is to promote their product by the store owners on Google YouTube etc.

You can generate a product feed of your shopping store and upload it to Google Merchant Center and promote your product.
You have to spend money to promote.

When a user searches a keyword related to it inside Google or inside YouTube, then the promotion of the product is shown there by Google.

Then the user clicks there and goes to your site, in this way the traffic on your website increases and sales growth occurs.


How to Upload Product Feed in Google Merchant Center

Anyone can advertise his product on the Merchant store, for that, they have to first upload the feed of the product.


Step 1: Log in to Google Merchant Center

In the first step, the user has to register their account with the merchant store, and then they have to log in to the account.


Step 2: Create Feeds

In the second step, you have to decide the plan of uploading the product feed, how you want to upload the product.

You can also upload the product manually.

Can also schedule product feeds.

If your eCommerce store has an extension that generates a product feed, you will need to enter its URL inside the Merchant center.

You can set a specific time at that time Google Merchant Center will automatically synchronize the product feed.

Upload Product Feed in google Merchant Center

Step 3: Upload Products Feed

You have to upload the product feed manually, after uploading the total count of the product will be shown.

How many available product URLs are there in your product feed, how many of them are certified, and how many are unauthenticated.

If Merchant store shows any kind of error then you will have to remove it or else your feed will not be verified.

Upload Feed in Google Merchant Center


Step 4: Check Feed Validation

Now you can see the product count in the below image. That means the upload feed has a total of 6,686 products.

Display Products in Google Merchant

Step 5: Check Product Listing in Google Merchant Center

As soon as you click on All Products, you will see all the products uploaded by Seat with images.

Along with this, you will also see how many are the total number of the products and how many products are there that are eligible for badges.

What is the item ID of that product, what is the price, images, product link, title, etc? All the details will be visible.

List of Products in google


Step 6: Advertise Products in Google Merchant Center


In the last step, you will have to create a shopping ad, within which you have to decide the budget, how much budget you want to spend every day.

As soon as the shopping ad is created, your product will start appearing in Google search.

As soon as a user types the relevant keyword in Google, then your product will appear there.

Now the user will visit your site by clicking on it and then will purchase your product from there, this will increase the sales of your product.

Advertise Product in Google Merchant


Google Merchant Center Helpline Number 2022

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The best way to increase sales in shopping stores is through Google Merchant Center.

With the help of this, you can increase your sales, for this, you have to create a feed and upload it to Google.

After the launch of this facility by Google, many people have become millionaires by taking advantage of this and increasing the sales of their shopping websites massively.