Top 7 Reasons That Fall To Increase Bounce Rate of Website

In this post, I am going to explain the top 7 reasons to Increase bounce rate that will help you to improve your website performance.

Increasing the bounce rate of the website is proof of the poor content of the website, due to which the customers visiting your site leave the website immediately.

However, apart from this, there are many more reasons that we need to know why the bounce rate is increasing.

If the bounce rate of your website is between 40 to 50% then it is considered an ideal case but if the same rate goes above 70 then it is a matter of concern.


What is Bounce Rate?

Bounce rate means that whenever a customer is coming to your website and leaving your first page without visiting any other page, then Google considers that is the bounce page.

And the average of the entire bounce page is called the bounce rate of that website.

Bounce Rate Percentage:

less than 25% you can't it is then maybe you haven't checked correctly
26-40%: This case comes in an ideal case.

41-55%: Your website is average if your percentage is between
56-70%: Higher than this is considered above normal and you need to improve a bit

If it is more than 70%, it is considered that the performance of your website is not good and you need to do a lot of work.


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A high bounce rate indicates that your website is not performing as expected ie your website is not able to achieve the target marketing goal.

Reasons to Increase Bounce Rate
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Top 12 Reasons to Increase Bounce Rate

The following are the reasons to increase the bounce rate of any website.

Let us know all the factors due to which the bounce rate of any website increases and then its conversion rate becomes absolutely zero.

1.  Poor Loading Speed is The Reasons to Increase Bounce Rate

The main reason for increasing the bounce rate of any website is the slow loading of that website. When the website will load slowly then its bounce rate is most likely.

So if you want to improve your bounce rate then you should improve your website speed.

For some reason, when a URL is not loaded or the wrong URL is generated, Google puts it in the core web vitals.

The main cause of core web vitals is:

  • Slow loading
  • URL not found
  • Having a Broken URL
  • Excessive Cumulative Layout Shift

There are many algorithms to rank any content in Google, in which website speed is also considered.

To improve the performance of your website speed, you have many free tools, with the help of which you can find out the reason for slow loading. for example

Google PageSpeed ​​Insights.

Google Search Console reports PageSpeed.

Lighthouse Report.


It tells all the details where corrections need to be made to your website along with the file name.


2. Self-Sufficient Content: Reasons to Increase Bounce Rate

The bounce rate also increases due to writing very perfect content in fewer words.

When you write exactly what your customer needs, then it takes very little time for your visitor to extract the necessary details from there.

As soon as your customer gets the necessary details from your website, they leave your page which increases the bounce rate problem.

To avoid this, you can put necessary interrelated links in the middle of it, interrelated content is very helpful in reducing your bounce rate.


3. Not Sufficient Content

Like the second point, the third point is also almost identical.

For example, if the visitor has come to your website to search for something and they are not able to find that information there.

You have written your content in such a way that even after doing a lot of research, your visitor is not able to find the content for which they have come to your website, even then they will leave your website and it will increase the bounce rate.

In such a situation, it becomes necessary that you write your content properly, do not write so short that the visitor can easily search the content, and do not write too complex that the visitor is having trouble finding it.


4. Misleading Title and Description

When you enter misleading content and your content heading and description are otherwise appealing, it still increases the bounce rate.

That is, the customer came to your site after seeing that they felt something in your title and description that he is searching for this content, but when he comes to the content, they feel disappointed.

When they are reading the content then they didn't get the things which are mentioned in the title even then the customer will leave your website and it will increase the bounce rate of your website.


5. 404 Page is a Big Reason to Increase Bounce Rate

Sometimes even a 404 or not found of the URL increases the bounce rate unexpectedly.

If you go to Google Search Console and check the URL of your website, then you will see all the 404 issues there in an index.

404 error or URL

Any URL that has any kind of problem needs to be fixed immediately, otherwise, the bounce rate of your website will keep increasing.


6. Bad Backlink or Non Relevant Incoming Link

When your link from another website is landing on your website, then in the same situation, if the relevant customers are not coming to your page from that content, then this problem also arises.

For example, if your website is sports and traffic is coming from any other website whose category is politics, then in that case also the bounce rate of your website increases.

Because the customers of the website with politics are coming to your website, which is not a relevant visitor at all, then this link is counted as a bad link and such links increase the bounce rate of your website.


7. Not Enough Internal Link

In all single-page websites, there is no option for a visitor to go to any other link, in that case, the bounce rate of your website increases.

That is, all the websites with single pages are more likely to have a higher bounce rate.

And such websites are solving the problem of their visitors but are not sending them to any other internal link, in that case also the bounce rate of your website increases.


8. Poorly Optimized Content is the Reasons to Increase Bounce Rate

Having poor quality content also increases the bounce rate of the website.

When the visitor reads your content, they do not get the solution of the problem in it, for the solution for which they landed on your page, they are not getting those things.

When your content is not able to convey to your visitors, then the bounce rate of that content increases.

Many times it happens that you have written the content very well but have not worked on its optimization such as the title should be clear and SEO friendly, the description should be clear according to the content, the selection of keywords should be good, etc.

Even if all this necessary optimization is not in your content, then the bounce rate of the website increases.

Reasons to Increase Bounce Rate
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9. Unfriendly UI/UX

Deteriorating the user experience of your website forces your visitors to leave the website which increases the bounce rate.

What happens many times is that your website is not device friendly or some functions not working on any particular device.

Many times it happens that we test our website on only a few selected devices and if the customers are coming to your website using any other device and in that case if some function is breaking there. If so, that also increases the bounce rate.

If you keep many popups open for your visitors so that readers get upset with that popup and close the website and your bounce rate increases.


10. Not Very Well Friendly Mobile Website

Due to not having a mobile-friendly website, when customers are moving content, there is some content that they miss or it goes off the screen.

In such a situation, the customer has trouble reading which causes a bad user experience and it increases your bounce rate.

In today's era, the number of mobile users is very high and if you do not keep your website mobile-friendly, then the bounce rate will increase significantly.

You can use free tools to test your content URLs as mobile-friendly.

Google Search Console is one such free tool where if any URL is not mobile-friendly or if there is any problem then it will tell you which URL is not mobile-friendly.

Mobile Friendly URL
Mobile-Friendly URL


11. Content Depth with Interrelated Links

The depth of the content is very important when the visitor comes to your website and due to which they are coming to your website if they are not getting that thing immediately, then in that case also the visitor will leave your website.

Because of this, you will need to add some interrelated links.

Bounce rate increases even if you do not add interrelated links and your visitor is not being forced to click on any other link after visiting your website.


12. Asking Too Much Information

Asking a lot of information from your visitors creates a problem that increases the bounce rate of marriages.

When you force the visitor to fill various forms to share information in various ways like contact details, email id or bank details, etc. then the chances of a bounce rate increase in that case also.

So don't force them to share any other details unless absolutely necessary.


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Due to all the reasons mentioned above, you must have come to know what can be the reasons for the increasing bounce rate.

Therefore, when we have come to know the reason, then by correcting the shortcomings of any website, we can reduce its bounce rate.

There are many other reasons for increasing the bounce rate of many websites, so the bad bounce rate is not a big deal.

You need to find the reason behind your website's bad bounce rate and work on it.