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About Lal Krishna Advani

Lal Krishna Advani (born 8 November 1927) is an Indian politician who served as the 7th Deputy Prime Minister of India from 2002 to 2004 under Atal Bihari Vajpayee. He is one of the co-founders and a senior leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party. Advani also served as Minister of Home Affairs in the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance government from 1998 to 2004. He was the Leader of the Opposition in the 10th Lok Sabha and 14th Lok Sabha. He was the National Democratic Alliance prime ministerial candidate in the 2009 general elections.

Lal Krishna Advani BJP

Personal Life:

L. K. Advani was born in Karachi in a Sindhi Hindu family of businessmen to parents Kishanchand D. Advani and Gyani Devi. He completed his early schooling from Saint Patrick's High School, Karachi, and then enrolled in Government College Hyderabad, Sindh. His family migrated to India during Partition and settled down in Bombay, where he graduated in Law from the Government Law College of the Bombay University, where he became friends with Deewan Parmanand Gangwani, and considered him, Ram Jethmalani and A.K Brohi the best lawyers produced by Government Law College.

Lal Krishna Advani
L K Advani

L. K. Advani married Kamla Advani (1932–2016) in February 1965. He has a son, Jayant, and a daughter, Pratibha. Pratibha Advani produces TV serial shows, and also supports her father in his political activities. His wife died on 6 April 2016 due to old age.



My Country My Life is an autobiographical book by L. K. Advani. The book was released on 19 March 2008 by Abdul Kalam, the eleventh President of India. The book has 1,040 pages and narrates autobiographical accounts and events in the life of Advani. The book became a best seller in the non-fiction category.[citation needed] The book includes mentions of events in Indian politics and India's history from 1900 till 2007.

  • As I See It: LK Advani's Blog Posts (2011). ISBN 978-8129118769.
  • My Country My Life (2008). ISBN 978-81-291-1363-4.
  • New Approaches to Security and Development (2003). (Paperback) ISBN 978-981-230-219-9.
  • A Prisoner's Scrap-Book (2002). (Hardcover) ISBN 978-81-88322-10-7.


Positions of Lal Krishna Advani

1967–70: Chairman, Metropolitan Council, Delhi

1970–72: President, Bharatiya Jana Sangh, Delhi

1970–89: Member, Rajya Sabha (four terms)

1973–77: President, Jana Sangh

1977: General-Secretary, Janata Party

1977–79: Union Cabinet Minister, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting

1977–79: Leader of the House, Rajya Sabha

1980–86: General Secretary, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)

1980-86: Leader, BJP, Rajya Sabha

1986–91: President, BJP

1989: Elected to 9th Lok Sabha(1st term) New Delhi

1989–91: Leader of Opposition, Lok Sabha

1991–93: Leader of Opposition, Lok Sabha

1991: Elected to 10th Lok Sabha (2nd term)

1993–98: President, Bharatiya Janata Party

1996: Elected to 11th Lok Sabha (3rd term)

1998: Elected to 12th Lok Sabha (4th term)

1998–99: Union Cabinet Minister, Home Affairs

1999: Elected to 13th Lok Sabha (5th term)

1999–2004: Union Cabinet Minister, Home Affairs

2002–2004: Deputy Prime Minister of India

2002: Union Cabinet Minister, Coal and Mines

2004: Elected to 14th Lok Sabha (6th term)

2009: Elected to 15th Lok Sabha (7th term)

2014: Elected to 16th Lok Sabha (8th term)



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